Jake Basile Dot Com


This site was built by Me with many other tools, for which I am grateful.

My current editor is Visual Studio Code. I’ve used many editors over my life and VSCode hits most of the right notes. Of course, I use Vim in the terminal. I’m not a monster.

It was written on a few different machines. Primarily it was written on my MacBook Pro. I love this thing. Finest computer I’ve ever owned. I also occasionally work on it from one of my Ubuntu based gaming PCs.

I used the JetBrains Mono font, which I also use in my code editors and terminals. I find it pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and it has cool ligatures which are very handy for Clojure. See: #{:a :set}, (->> "A thread-last"), and so on.

The site itself is built using Hugo, which handles compiling a whole bunch of Go templates for me. I don’t really enjoy writing CSS, so I used sakura, a classless CSS framework that is easy to customize and looks nice. It, in turn, uses normalize.css to make things sane. I added a tiny bit of handwritten SCSS to move things around a bit and customize it to my liking1. To bring it all together and deploy it (using rsync) I use Babashka.

The site is served by Caddy running on an OCI ARM server 2 running Oracle Linux 9 3. It’s the same one that hosts The Ritual of Rot and isit420somewhere.com.

Thanks to all the projects and contributors who wrote this stuff so I didn’t have to. I appreciate it.

  1. I’m not a total fraud. ↩︎

  2. The free plan is very generous and I thought: “why not?” ↩︎

  3. May as well commit. ↩︎