Jake Basile Dot Com

Hi! My name is Jake Basile and this is my little piece of the internet. Though the internet is truly ubiquitous now I still think it’s pretty neat that your device is reaching out across the radio waves and/or wires to download some bits I put together. I’ve had various personal sites before, but they’ve faded over time like tears in rain. Thanks for visiting this incarnation of it.

Professionally, I’m a software engineer with 15 years of experience applying functional programming to solve problems, especially in internal tooling, compliance, and reporting. I pride myself on being able to take a pragmatic approach while balancing engineering, business, and user needs.

Personally, I’m an avid gamer, hobbyist photographer, and cook. I was raised in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, but I’ve lived in Austin Texas since 2011. I do not miss the snow. I share a house with my wonderful wife Tanya, and two cats named Leia and Luke.

Below, I’ve listed the pages of my site by rough category. Words is where I put things whre the primary purpose is to write something. Photos is where I put things where the primary purpose is to post a set of photos. I also have a presence on other parts of the internet, which I link at the bottom for your convenience.



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